Terramin Clay for Digestive Issues and Skin Problems Too!

I have been using Terramin Clay for 3 months now and I’ve only missed a number of days that I can count on one hand. This has been an added bonus for me. At this point, I still cannot consume regular grains, without some result that I don’t find pleasurable. By regular grains I mean corn and oats which will probably be my two favorites forever. I still look forward to the day when my body will accept these. Meanwhile, when I feel the urge to step outside of my food boundaries, I have my clay to make sure that the reaction isn’t so bad.

UPDATE: 03/26/2021 – I’ve been eating oats for a while now. I usually have a bowl of oatmeal  3-4 times each week. I still have to watch out for corn, but occasionally it’s okay in small amounts.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not encouraging you to eat foods that aren’t good for you, and I’m especially not encouraging you to eat foods that are NOT REAL Foods – just because you have this clay. I’m just saying that I know this clay remedy works because, as I’ve mentioned before, there are times that I give in to eating a tortilla chip or popcorn knowing that my digestive system cannot handle those items. (I mean who doesn’t LOVE popcorn? I am human. – Update 2017: My body accepts popcorn without all the oils I used to add to it.)

I also believe that this clay is working to heal whatever is not right inside of my digestive system. The doctors cannot find anything, but I have constant pain on my left lower side whenever I eat dense foods (i.e. not quickly digested fruits and salads).

Mostly I just add the clay to my water and add a few dashes of cinnamon, ginger, and Stevia powder. Actually, it’s recommended that you don’t consume with much food. AND I always take my regular dose on an empty stomach.

Yet, Terramin clay is highly recommended for food poisoning and other toxic elements that might be found in the digestive system such as heavy metals and unintended toxic ingredients found in foods. This is great stuff! Don’t miss this point. I suppose you might compare this product to that of charcoal which will also draw toxins out. But charcoal is very dehydrating, so I don’t believe it’s recommended for daily use. But Terramin does more than remove toxins, it also adds many much-needed minerals to your body. It’s a 2-in-1 product of edible minerals and an internal detoxifier. Some of the main minerals are calcium, iron, magnesium (relieves stress and relaxes muscles), sodium, chromium (blood sugar regulator), selenium (antioxidant), manganese (connective tissue repair), copper, phosphorus, zinc, and potassium. Yet, the body will only take what it needs of these minerals.

One day I decided that I wanted something else at the time I was about to take the Terramin Clay, so I put together this recipe.

1 tsp Terramin Clay (actually should be according to your weight)
1 TBS Nut Butter (your choice) plus  8 ounces of Water (or Nut Milk of choice)
1 Frozen Banana
1 TBS Ground Flaxseeds (or Golden Flaxseeds if using a high-speed blender such as the Vitamix)
1/4 tsp Cinnamon
1 TBS Coconut Oil
1 Date or another sweetener

“My Top” Optional Sweetener Choices:
Honey, Stevia (powder or liquid) & Dates

Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until it reaches the consistency you desire.

Buy it here:
Below is my Amazon affiliate link to where I purchase the Terramin Clay. I’m considering becoming a reseller of this product because I believe it is so amazing! I haven’t tried the other clay products available from other companies because this is the first one I tried and it works! Also, this is the clay that Gerson Therapy recommends, so it’s the one I decided to try first.

Clay can be used in your bath water or as a paste for insect stings and skin rashes. I recently gave it to a friend for her rosacea and it cleared very nicely…even she was amazed. Read Why Terramin Works.