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The ‘Real Food & Drinks Lifestyle’ podcast is a community to talk about nutrition, lifestyle choices and various practices to help us experience better health.

Shonda and Patryce (your hosts) hope to help you build a healthier lifestyle through various conversations and interviews. Get your dose of inspiration to discover how eating real food and adopting healthy practices can help you build a healthier lifestyle.

Let’s get healthy while keeping it real!

Episode 4 – Immunity – Drinking (Water and Bathing)

Welcome back to our Immunity Series. Today, more than ever, it’s important to take care of your immune system, so today let’s look into how making good water decisions can benefit you. Perhaps you have never truly thought about the importance of water and specifically water as an important nutrient. We hope to encourage you to take a deeper look into the water you are drinking and the water you are bathing in.  Listen Here

Episode 3 – Immunity – Drinking Teas

This is the first in our “Immunity” series of podcasts. Today we had a discussion about how drinking teas can help boost our immune systems. Tune in to learn a few interesting facts about herbal teas vs. the common tea varieties.  Future podcasts will not only include foods that boost our immune system but we will be discussing various lifestyle practices we can implement also. Listen Here

Episode 2 – What is Real Food and What are Real Drinks?

Have you ever thought about food as being “real” or “not real”? In this episode Shonda and Patryce share their definitions of what they believe real food and real drinks are. We invite you to listen and share your perspectives with us too.  Listen Here

Episode 1 – Covid-19 and Stress

With the pandemic of Covid-19 we all could use some helpful tips in this area. In Episode 1, Shonda and Patryce discuss how Covid-19 has affected their lives and share some practical ways that may help you deal with the newly added stresses in your life too.  Listen Here