Do you suffer from ANY of the following?

IBS, Painful Gas, Bloating
Brain Fog
Body Aches, Joint Pain

You don't have to accept being low on energy. You can put a stop to these uncomfortable symptoms.

Gain energy! Get rid of brain fog, body pains & digestive issues!


Energy to Heal, Energy to Live, Part 1 - FREE!

You may be doing all the right things to better your health, but there is one thing that you must do to generate the results you want. I didn’t see permanent results until I learned this specific key. Join me in this FREE course to learn how to make every effort you put forth more effective.

Want More Energy?

Energy to Heal, Energy to Live, Part 2

How would you like an exact guide to what you can do to better your health? This course is an easy and straight-forward guide. You will learn how to enhance your energy and rid yourself of all those uncomfortable symptoms that you are experiencing.

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Here is what's included:

  • Detailed recipes that are quick, easy and delicious for all of your meals.
  • Suggestions for eating out.
  • Specific IBS Lessons
  • Lifestyle guidelines that benefit your health
  • Easy exercise and movement guidelines (It doesn’t have to be difficult).
  • Creating environments that benefit you

Be Well Masterclass - The Science of Being Well

Study what is required for healing and being well as outlined in the book “The Science of Being Well” by Wallace D. Wattles. There will be 4 weeks of online face-to-face webinars during which course lessons will be reviewed and a specified time for questions and feedback.

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Note: If you enroll in this course, its webinars and the group membership are also included as a bundled package.



…More Resources

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Download Descriptions:

  1. “Healthy Eating with Real Food Guidebook”– can serve as your healthy guide to improving your food choices. In fact, it contains the same information that I use for guided grocery store tours. This guide includes advice for making food choices within all food groups. It also includes a bonus ‘Shopping List Template’ to plan ahead and make real food grocery shopping easier.
  2. Juicing Fruits and (mostly) Vegetables FAQs  – answers questions and concerns about juicing and includes the many benefits of juicing
  3. Delicious No-Fail Salads – Guide to transforming a salad into a satisfying meal. Includes tips for making salad dressings.

About Me



My name is Shonda and I’m a wife and mother of three children plus multiple pets. Those facts make my life full in their own way, but add on top of that a condition which made me feel tired and most times unable to cope so I wasn’t able to enjoy the full blessing of my family life. YET, things have changed…



Holistic nutrition, real food and living a positive lifestyle is what I’m all about! I’ve improved my health and outlook TREMENDOUSLY and I want to pass this gift on to you by helping you do the same.

I educate others about the REAL benefits of eating REAL FOOD for healthful living. And, as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist I find it most necessary to address many areas of a person’s lifestyle to bring balance to the whole person.