Definitely Gluten Free Noodles – No Grains AT ALL!

So, from time to time I serve my family pasta.  It just so happens that my son has no desire for pasta at all now that we have realized that it was pasta that made him sick and well, not perform his best at the swim meets.  So, while the other family members eat “regular” pasta we can now have our own truly gluten free version of noodles.

I just got this new device and I can’t stopped making noodles out of zucchini and yellow squash.  I just so happen to love both of these vegetables, so I guess this makes it easier.  I’ve been eating some raw and some steamed…I just can get enough.

The name of  the device is the Joyce Chen 51-0662, Saladacco Spiral Slicer, White. Actually the noodles it creates are very thin and more like vermicelli, but enjoyable all the same and very easy to use.  I just pick vegetables that are straight and not too big.  Then I slice them in half and position in the middle of the slicer and crank the handle…really, it’s that easy.

Don’t the photos below look delicious?  Top with any sauce or meat just like any other noodles.

I use this Spiralizer for larger noodles. It has three blade (size) options.