Podcast Episode 36 – Excuse Busters for a Healthier Lifestyle

We have all made excuses about why we can’t adopt a healthier lifestyle. Today we talk about excuses to eating better and some real steps we can take to overcome those excuses. Yes, you can.

We want to come alongside you, as well, as we all continue moving toward a positive direction to support our healthy lifestyles. If there are any specific ways that we can be of assistance, please contact us through our contact form or send a verbal message through Speakpipe.

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We invite you to listen and share your perspectives with us too. Send us a recorded message through Speakpipe. We may use your message in an upcoming episode, therefore, please leave your name if you would like it to be noted during the podcast. Leave an email address if you would like a personal response or feel free to use the contact form.


YouTubers that inspire us when in the kitchen:


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