Podcast Episode 48 A Quick Reminder About Stress

Just Breathe

Hi. We just want to remind you to take some time out to just breathe (and relax). Taking some time out to just breathe is exactly what we are doing this week. Thus, today’s mini-episode. And come to think of it, we should probably focus an entire episode on ‘just breathing’ and so we probably will.

We’ve been working on a series of the top 5 toxins that impact our health. Stress plays a huge role in our health. Stress can be from outside sources such as our environment, various life situations, and even from other people. We definitely need to learn how to deal with these types of stress. We discussed many of these in Episode 1 (Covid-19 and stress) and in Episode 25 (Got Stress? Let’s Deal With It).

Yet, another source of stress is the type WE CAUSE through negative thinking and self-defeating beliefs. This type we have control over. We will focus our discussion on these concepts in next week’s Episode 49. In today’s episode, Patryce gives us a brief introduction and reminder for what’s coming your way next week.

Here is the list of the top 5 toxins:

We want to come alongside you, as well, as we all continue moving toward a positive direction to support our healthy lifestyles. If there are any specific ways that we can be of assistance, please contact us through our contact form or send a verbal message through Speakpipe.

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We invite you to listen and share your perspectives with us too. Send us a recorded message through Speakpipe. We may use your message in an upcoming episode, therefore, please leave your name if you would like it to be noted during the podcast. Leave an email address if you would like a personal response or feel free to use the contact form.


The Article that prompted these discussions about toxins

The Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen (Vegetables and Fruits):

The Dirty Dozen
The Clean Fifteen

Also available on YouTube:



[00:00:00] Hello everyone. This is Patryce. Over the last few weeks, Shonda and I have talked about toxins. Toxins in food, our water, our overall environment, as well as in body and personal care products. And to see and hear more detail about what we discussed, you can check out episodes 43 to 47. Today, we wanted to remind you that stress is also toxic. Stress can be very toxic.
[00:00:34] So stress can come from outside sources and we need to learn how to deal with these. We discussed many of them in Episodes 1 and 25. So you can check those out on the real food and drinks website or YouTube. Yet, there's another source of stress and this type we can control more. And it is caused by negative thinking and self-defeating beliefs.
[00:01:09] And we want to share more about this type of stress and how we can manage it, minimize it, identify it. In our upcoming episode 48. So until then we encourage you to send in any, um, specific things that you want to discuss regarding stress and any questions you might have so we can discuss that during episode 48.
[00:01:41] I don't want to forget to remind you guys that we'll have a new podcast schedule starting September 1st. We will be releasing just one podcast a month, but it'll be the first Wednesday of every month. So you can look forward to a new podcast the first Wednesday of every month starting the month of September.
[00:02:05] Until then everyone have a wonderful day. Bye-bye.

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