Podcast Episode 44 – The Roles of Food and Water for Removing Toxins

Lemon Water

Last week Patryce and I talked about the toxins that may be in our food and how to avoid those toxins. But just as important, in this episode, we want to remind you that the right food and water help to detox our bodies.

Here is the list of the top 5 toxins:

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The Article that prompted this discussion

The Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen:

The Dirty Dozen
The Clean Fifteen

Also available on YouTube:


[00:00:00] Hello last week Patryce and I talked about the toxins that may be in our food and how to avoid those toxins. But just as important, we want to remind you that the right food and water helps to detox our bodies. So you don't want to miss next week when our discussion will be about the many toxins found in water and how to avoid them.
[00:00:24] But for now, here's a little snippet of our conversation about the important roles of food and water.
[00:00:43] Hi, and hello. Welcome to the real food and drinks lifestyle podcast. We're building a community to talk about nutrition, lifestyle choices, and just feeling better. This is Shonda and this is Patryce. Let's just be real.
[00:01:09] Here's our disclaimer, we do not professionally practice in any of the various subjects that we discuss. We are only sharing our personal experiences with you to a healthier lifestyle. Please do your own research before taking part in any of these practices.
[00:01:28] Another way of naturally detoxing is to drink water.
[00:01:33] And I guess I'm just reminded of that because my, I have to remind myself to stay hydrated. Like, you think, like a cup of water or two is enough for the whole day. No, for most people that is not enough water, but you need to be drinking enough water because it is naturally, uh, helping us to eliminate toxins from our body.
[00:01:55] Exactly. And we're going to be talking about water next week. Right? Yeah. More about water. So that's good. And fiber helps eliminate toxins too. So eating a whole food diet, including lots of fiber, which naturally includes a lot of fiber, helps with the detox process too. Yeah. Yeah. So we should just talk about, we don't want to be constipated. You know, that's keeping toxins in. We've got to keep that food moving out on out to get rid of toxins.
[00:02:32] Yes, you're right. Shonda. And I heard a pediatrician recently describe it well. She was just trying to break it down for everyone because she sees these little kids younger and younger kids who are just constipated.
[00:02:46] It could lead to serious problems, but she said it's similar. She described it to the child and the parent. It's like having a trash can. In the beginning, you put a couple items with the trash in there. It's okay. You don't even really smell it. But if that trash can continues to be dirty. Things keep being put in the trash can and you don't empty the trash can. You start smelling the trash. It's not a nice smell. It's unpleasant, but she described that as what's going on in our insides. When we do not regularly use the bathroom and there are kids and adults who don't even go every day, once a day. Let alone that if you should eat, you know, you eat three meals, you should probably go for every meal, but at least once a day. If you're not eliminating that way, having BMS, then there's trash [Putrefying]. It's just collecting in our bodies and it's getting nasty. Yeah, I know you like that illustration and that is a good one. That is a really good one. Uh, so yeah, take note everyone. Um, that is something to be concerned about. If you know, we are constipated and we, we need to address that for sure, because we want to get the toxins out.
[00:04:04] Yes, we do.
[00:04:08] Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy today's podcast. Remember you can catch show notes and additional details@realfoodanddrinks.com under the podcast menu. Also subscribe to our podcast. If you aren't already a member of our community, and if listening through and. Please send us a message of topics you would like to hear us have conversations about until next time.
[00:04:37] Let's just be real.

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