Carrot Juice

My favorite juice is carrot juice. (Just in case you didn’t already know.)

Juicing provides a rush of energy because it’s a hydrating drink full of vitamins, minerals that can do not require much digestion and therefore, it’s in your body’s cells in a matter of about 15 minutes. Even if you are new to juicing, you are likely to enjoy this recipe that’s balanced with a perfect touch of sweetness and tartness.

Carrot Juice

Category: Energy Drinks, Juicing, Recipes

Servings: 1

Carrot Juice


  • 1 pound of carrots
  • 2 granny smith apples


  1. Rinse all vegetables in cool water in a large clean sink/bowl.
  2. Cut the tops and ½ inch off the bottom of the carrots. Then cut vegetables to a size that will fit through the feeding tube of your juicer.
  3. Feed vegetables through the juicer.


Optional Add-ins • Kale • Ginger • Lemon juice


  • Removing apple seeds/core is not necessary (especially when using organic)
  • Use a strainer over the juice collection cup/bin or simply strain the juice before pouring into your glass for drinking.
  • It’s best to drink immediately or drink within 24 hours to get as much of the nutrients as possible.
  • Once you become familiar with this juice, try changing up the tastes and nutrients by adding in some of the optional ingredients.

If you do not YET have a juicer at home (highly recommended), you could ask your local juice bar to make this exact recipe for you. Hint: To find a local juice bar, simply GOOGLE ‘juicebar near me’ for maps and reviews using an internet web browser. (You can also try this direct link.)