More Recipes Coming Soon

Hello. I think I’ll get back to posting recipes. I enjoy cooking and being creative while cooking, but what I don’t enjoy is “blogging”. Therefore, if I have something to say, it will likely be under this section of the website — theĀ  “Blog” section. Most of my posts are straight to the point (here is the recipe) and perhaps more so — here are the ingredients I used….with the message that “you can get creative too”. Most recipes aren’t an exact science, except for when making bread, etc…I guess anything baked like breads, cakes, pies and cookies must follow some basic guidelines.

Since I’m not going to be baking too many cakes, pies, cookies, etc… I will usually just list ingredients (with suggested amounts) to inspire you to create your own dish. I know the most popular websites overwhelm you with desserts. But this website is about inspiring you to eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grains. From time to time I may post a dessert recipe, but these days a fruit smoothie satisfies my desire for sweets because refined sugars messes up my “brain”! NO THANKS! I’d rather have fruit sweetened desserts…nutritious and delicious.

I’ll supply you with general cooking methods/times/temperatures, but what you decide to add to your dish will be your decision…to make it your own.

Please search through the recipe index to find what inspires you.

Thanks for visiting.